Construction Litigation

Much like implementing the intricate and complex specifications of a blueprint, a construction litigation attorney can work with your company to prevent unforeseen disagreements and effectuate mutually-beneficial settlements to prevent future conflict.  With the number of sub-contractors, vendors, and service providers involved in construction projects, the likelihood of litigation increases. Having a competent attorney on your team can be an invaluable tool in protecting your company from unnecessary exposure to liability.

Construction law is a niche area that requires experience and knowledge of the complexities of the bidding, contracting, and construction processes. Our attorneys are well-equipped to handle issues including:

  • Drafting clear and concise contracts between buyers and sellers, creditors and debtors, contractors and sub-contractors, or any other party seeking to enter into a binding relationship;
  • Litigating and resolving disputes with sub-contractors who have installed faulty or defective parts and products;
  • Handling claims involving new home construction defects and breach of sellers’ warranties; and
  • Working with insurance companies to resolve claims and coverage issues.

We can carry you through a dispute from the initial negotiation to a settlement or trial – and we will keep a keen eye on ways to minimize liability in the process. We will also review existing documents and procedures utilized by your company to help determine if you are fully protected from potential claims or unenforceable contract language.

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